DoSayGive's Classic Children's Summer Book Club

Explore classic literature and enjoy a simple but enriching summer through curated books and meaningful activities.

"The book club defined our 2019 summer and we are looking forward to what’s in store for this summer. I have gleaned so much from Lee's advice, information and encouragement regarding classic children’s literature. Truly my kids and I have gained so much." - Anne P.

"This is such a great way to stock up on meaningful classic books while also adding a small amount of structure to an otherwise free for all summer. " - Emily G.

"The book club was an awesome experience! I did it with our 3 year old granddaughter and she LOVES books! Thank you for including so many of the wonderful classic books that will always bring back special memories. " -Carol H.

Our third annual Classic Children's Summer Book Club is here! The six-week reading and activity plan has been created to help provide simple and fun enrichment tailored to summer with more time at home.

What is unique about the book club?

It's enriching. The books we have selected will broaden your child’s view of the world. They will learn history and art, explore nature, and experience compassion. They will grow their vocabulary and language through exposure to quality text.

It's relational. Sharing books with your children is one of the most important and precious ways to spend your time. Your family will find particular favorites that are the books you read over and over again and become a part of your family culture. And you will create special family memories this summer (without spending a lot of money!).

It's fun. We are providing easy activities to compliment the books you read. These activities will be simple, fun, and engaging. No iPad needed :)

Who is the book club for?

We believe the book club should be a family experience! Each week we have suggestions for picture books, early reader books, and chapter books all within the same theme. So children and grandchildren ages 2-10 are perfect for this club.

Why classic books?

Much like we choose the healthiest foods for our children’s bodies, I believe most parents also want to put the best of the best in their children’s minds. Many of the classic books I am sharing in DoSayGive’s Summer Book Club have stood the test of time so you can trust that they are good for your children and grandchildren. And, sadly, many of these are missing from school libraries and big box book store shelves.

Overall, this series will give you a foundation for choosing better books, whether old or new.

The summer reading program we’ve put together will not only give you quality books to read to your children but they will offer your children exposure to:

A Richer Vocabulary: Reading introduces many more words into a child’s vocabulary that we use in spoken language so think how much these classic books – with not just more complex words but complex sentence structure – can do for their minds. It’s good for children to hear more complex words, even if they don’t always understand them.

Beautiful Illustrations: Your children will hopefully develop an appreciation for good literature when they read good books. And they’ll develop a taste for beautiful art when we expose them to beautiful illustrations. There are some amazing illustrators in the picture books we'll read this summer.

Depth of Character: In order to love reading we need to form a connection to the characters. The books we've selected will do just that. What qualities do you want in your child? Courage, kindness, faithfulness, honor. Read them books with characters who exhibit these things!

Historical Context: Does your child only read books with modern day plots? These books will give them a deeper historical perspective and maybe even make them more grateful for their 21st century blessings.

For a little more than $7/week, your children can have an enriching and memorable (and simple!) summer.

Join the book club!

    What you'll receive:

    • A six-week reading and activity program that includes enriching yet simple activities that help children make connections with the books they are reading.
    • A master curated list of excellent classic books for ages 2-10, all sorted based on reading level.
    • Each week's theme includes suggestions for picture, early reader, and chapter books (great for older children or family read aloud).
    • Weekly emails with reading tips, activity ideas and an easy, printable download.
    • Access to our private membership community with more tips, guest takeovers, and thoughts from Lee about how she incorporates these books into her children's summer
    • Invitation to our private Facebook group
    • Resources and guidance for doing the book club with children with special needs.


    Read While Giving Back! Help Us Raise Money for the North Texas Food Bank!

    This year we are excited to give a portion of every book to the North Texas Food Bank. For every book club purchased, we will donate the equivalent of 15 meals to this amazing organization that helps supply food banks across the North Texas area. The needs are great right now and we are excited to give back in this way.

    The book club begins June 7 but you are welcome to join at any point throughout the summer. Each week there will be five well thought out activity suggestions so you could do one a weekday if that worked for your summer:

    -An outside activity that encourages a love of nature

    -An art activity based on a classic piece of art

    -A cooking activity for the whole family to enjoy

    A simple craft

    -A building and constructing activity to foster imagination

    The weekly reading plans and activity guides are yours to keep forever. If you join in after June 7, I'd encourage you to jump in where we are are go back and do the first weeks at the end of the book club.

    What you'll love about the book club:

    • A slower pace with sweet memories and a familiar rhythm to your summer days.
    • Screen-free activity ideas for home.
    • Knowing your children's minds are being stretched and filled.
    • Developing a culture of reading in your home.
    • Seeing your children explore nature, enjoy art and grow their imaginations and vocabularies.
    • How to recognize the attributes of a great book.
    • That your family will have a low-key but memorable summer!