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Holiday Prep for Success

Holiday Prep for Success is a course for every entrepreneur, maker, dreamer, and doer. Lee of DoSayGive & Steph of Joy Creative Shop want to help you focus & prepare for this holiday season as a blog or business.

This holiday season is unlike any we’ve experienced before & we want to partner with you to take out some intentional time out of your busy schedule to learn a few new things and create an authentic & achievable plan to make this holiday season.

There is no need to hustle the holidays away. Let us help you prep for the success you deserve. So entrepreneurs, influencers, small business owners, makers, and artists: join us! We want to encourage you and see you succeed!

What the Class is All About:

Holiday Prep for Success is a course for every entrepreneur, maker, dreamer, and doer. As fellow business owners, we’ve both built our platforms — DoSayGive and Joy Creative Shop — on simple principles. Meaningful relationships, bringing others joy, practicing grace and gratitude, hard work, balance. With growing a business being at the heart of every step. This holiday season is unlike any we’ve entered into before & we urge you to take some focused time out of your busy schedule (virtual learning: we see you!) to learn new tools & take actionable steps to make this coming holiday season a success. We will break down how that all translates to YOUR business in a way that feels authentic & achievable.

We want to help you focus on what you do best. Your business, your passion, your strategy: What makes you unique? What helps you stand out? How can you see tangible success? We’ll dive into that with you and help you move the needle. And we’ll encourage you along the way — because you should know that it’s okay to not play the comparison game, that you don’t have to worry about what others are doing.

Entrepreneurs, influencers, small business owners, makers, artists. Join us! We want nothing more than to encourage you and see you succeed. There’s no time like now to intentionally grow. So let’s get to it.

Who the Class is for:

Entrepreneurs, influencers, small business and boutique owners, makers, artists, etc. that are looking to carve out dedicated time to plan for success for an uncharted holiday season. We will share the tools, tips & advice on what to focus on so you can thrive and not just survive this fall and holiday season.

About the Organizers:

Lee Cordon:
Owner and Creative Director of

Lee Cordon transformed DoSayGive from a side hobby to a nationally respected lifestyle brand all while being a work from home mom of four. In addition to her multiple online platforms, Lee is also a speaker and creator of four online courses. As curator of the most researched and biggest holiday gift guide on the web, she has her pulse on what consumers are looking for - and how they plan to shop - this holiday season.

Steph Weibring:
Owner of Joy Creative Shop & Welbe Beauty (launching soon!)

Steph Weibring is a color-loving graphic designer & creative entrepreneur. Since starting her first company as a senior in college in 2002, she has grown Joy Creative Shop into a flourishing paper goods brand with a successful online presence and growing wholesale business. In addition to running her household (3 littles!!) and a business, Steph is passionate about helping others to do what they love for their work.

Join the Holiday Prep for Success Class!

    $37 for a 1.5 hour Online Course

    What you'll receive:

    • Actionable steps to make this holiday season a success for your business.
    • Case studies on what other brands and influencers have done.
    • Printable downloads including an assessment to help you think through your business goals, a printable goal setting calendar, and a list of our favorite resources, apps, and programs for time management and efficiency.

    Dream Start Grow Holiday Prep Class Outline:

    In each section we tackle the influencer & brand perspective on....

    • Looking Back Before Looking Head: Business and Brand Assessment
    • Setting Realistic Holiday Goals : Plan for Success
    • The Importance of Starting or Growing an Online Business
    • Email Marketing & Social Strategies
    • Influencer Marketing & The importance of Collaborating
    • Entrepreneurial Self Care 101