Influence of Motherhood Course

Do you ever look at a mother one step ahead of you and want to pick her brain? Are you craving a community of like-minded mothers? If you’re thinking “yes yes yes” I have a unique opportunity for you!

The Influence of Motherhood is a mentorship group that teaches moms how to make the most of their influence during their child's formative years. It shows mothers what it looks like to be intentional with their children in daily life by instilling God's truth and building trust.

This is not a parenting course, though. It’s a mentorship opportunity.

The nuggets of wisdom I’ve gleaned from mothers along the way have been invaluable in my motherhood journey. So I put together this group to give that same experience to the next generation of mothers who want to know what it can look like to be intentional with their time and influence during these younger years.

I will be sharing what I believe is so important to consider when it comes to cultivating our children’s little hearts and minds. And showing how so many of the seemingly mundane things we do as mothers are an opportunity to teach children about God and help them interpret the world with an eternal and Christ-centered perspective.

My goal is to encourage you as you are in the trenches of rearing young children: It is hard, but it is not fruitless.

I don't teach this course because I have all of the answers (I don’t!), but because I think it’s beneficial to hear from other moms who have gone before you - to pick their brains, hear their mistakes and regrets, and consider along with your husband how you want to handle these issues in your own home.

Registration opens soon!

The Influence of Motherhood Course is re-opening this spring. Get on the waitlist to know when the course opens!

    Course Highlights...

    1. Video and written content from Lee Cordon

    2. Access to a private Influence of Motherhood Facebook community. This will continue to be moderated by DoSayGive after the group is over.

    3. A thought-provoking mentoring message on motherhood from Lee in your inbox every weekday throughout the four week program

    4. Facebook Live conversations and Q&A with Lee Cordon

    5. Guest mentors who will offer additional wisdom and perspective

    6. Conversation starters to aid in discussing mentorship material with your husband

    7. Downloads and questionaires to help you be an intentional mother including...

    • A list of Lee’s most referenced parenting resources
    • A list of short and helpful phrases for directing and reminding toddlers and preschoolers
    • 5 Questions to Determine if Certain Media or Technology is Right for Your Home
    • Favorite Enriching Songs, Books, and Videos for Young Children
    • The 10 Manners Every Boy and Girl Should Know

    Course Outline:

    Part 1:

    Influence to Establish:

    Instilling Truth and Trust in Our Young Children

    Part 2:

    Influence to Avoid:

    Filtering Cultural and Other Outside Influences

    Part 3:

    Influence for Good:

    Cultivating Kindness, Curiosity, and Humility in our Children

    Part 4:

    Influence at Home:

    Creating a Respite and Routine for our Children

    Lee Cordon

    Wife, Mother and Founder of DoSayGive

    Who am I?

    I'm Lee, a wife of seventeen years and mother to four girls, ages two to thirteen. In my early years of motherhood, I eagerly picked the brains of more expereinced moms. I am creating this mentorship group to give this same opportunity to the next generation of like-minded mothers.

    Who is this for?

    The topics and discussions I’ve outlined for this group are geared towards mothers of children ages six and under who are in the early phase of influencing their child’s character and habits and who want to do so with a Biblical framework. If you’re craving a community of mothers in this same phase of life as you, or craving an opportunity to learn from mothers a few steps ahead, this group is for you!